able grable- attractive female

above my pay grade- don’t ask me

active crop- sexually promiscuous girl

active duty- sexually promiscuous boy

admiral’s watch- a good night’s sleep

all reet- all right

all root- all right

amache- telephone

amscray- get out, leave

arm chair general- one who gives his opinion on everything even when he’s completely uninformed

armoured cow- canned milk

army banj- shovel

army strawberries- prunes

asparagus beds- tank traps


B-19 – any fat female

babe- attractive female

baby doll- girlfriend

baby food- cereal

bad business- trouble

barb- a college student unaffilliated with a fraternity

bamboo juice- rice wine

barney- a fixed contest

batallion- three companies

bathtub- motorcycle sidecar

battery acid- army coffee

battle- unattractive female

beans- a cook

bear grease- general issue soap

be-bop – a dance to fast jazz music

bed pan commando- nurse or other medicall assistance

beef- a disagreement

bender- a drinking spree

bermuda shorts- shorts

big house- federal prison

bilge- bullshit

biz- business

black and white- police car

blackout girl- attractive female

blackstrap- army coffee

blanket drill- sleep

blast- to shoot

blitzies- woman’s undergarments combining blouse and panties

blivet- something unimportant

blonde and sweet- coffee with cream and sugar

blow- to skip bail

blow a fuse- loose one’s temper

blow joe- an enlisted man

bobby sock- ankle length sox

bobby socker- a teenage girl who wears white bobby socks

bobtail- a dishonorable discharge

boing!- an expression for men when attractive female enters an area

bombshell- attractive female

boodling- making out

booger- a brat or rascal

book- to register an arrest

boon docks- an isolated place in the country

bop- to dance wildly to the big band jazz

brain child- someone’s creative idea

brew- beer

broad- woman or girl

brown nose- ass kisser

brush off- snub

B.T.O. [big time operator]- wolf, active duty

bubble dancer- dishwasher

bucking for a section eight- trying to get discharge by various means possible

bug house- insane asylum

bum- to borrow

bum rap- false accusations

bupkis- nothing

business, the- the working over; beating; murder

bust rocks- to serve time in prison

bust your chops- to scold; chastise

buy the farm- to die

buzz- tipsiness


cackle jelly- eggs

call girl-prostitute appointed by phone

camp happy- a little crazy

can- jail

canary- a female jazz singer or a snitch

casanova- good looking guy

charity girl- a sexually promiscuous woman

chatter box- a car radio

cheese cake- a pinup of an attractive female

cheesy- cheap

chew out- to scold or bawl out

chicken- a coward

chili bowl- army haircut

chips are down, the- describing something negative or troublesome situation

chiseler- a petty swindler or cheater

chop chop- hurry up

chopper- tooth

chow- food

chromedome- bald man

chuck up- vomit

chug-a-lug – to drink down a beer in one gulp without stopping for air

clip- to kill

cloud walker- good dancer

cock-eyed – crazy; cockamimie

coffee sergeant- a station house errand runner

coiled up his ropes- said of one who dies

cold- no longer can be pursued

cold fish- an unresponsive person

collar- an arrest

collision mats- waffles or pancakes

commissary bullets- beans

contract- a favor

cook with gas- to do something right

cookie- a guy or gal

cool down- calm down

crab patch- strict person

crack open- open a bottle

crack up- to make someone laugh

crate- unattractive female

cream on a shingle- creamed beef on toast

creep- a mean despical person

crib notes- forbidden notes taken to an xam

croak- to die

crowbar hotel- jail

crummy- bad

curfew keeper- strict person

cut- to record

cut a rug- to dance

cutting out paper dolls- insane; crazy


dad blamed- that is none of your business

dame- a woman

dang- damn

dang nabbit- an interjection of disappointment

date bait- any desirable member of the opposite sex

day the eagle shits, the- payday

deadly- terrible

deck out- dress up

destroyer- attractive female

devil’s piano- machine gun

dig- to understand; to comprehend

dilly- attractive female

dip- a pickpocket

dish- pretty woman

ditch- to leave someone who is with you

divine- good;excellent

dog- to follow relentlessly

dog biscuit- unattractive female

dog face- a soldier complainer or an ugly guy

dog fat- butter

doll- good looking guy

doll dizzy- girl crazy

doll up- to dress up

dolly- a girl or woman

dome- head or skull

done for- in big trouble

dope- information

doration- block of chocolate filled with vitamins

dough- money

dreamboat- extremely attractive person

dream puss- attractive female

dreamy- good; excellent

drip- an ugly guy

drive it in the hanger- shut up

drool- an ugly guy

drooly- nice looking guy

drool- an ugly guy

drop- to kill

ducky shincracker- good dancer

dud- something that doesn’t work properly

dummy up- shut up, clam up

dust off- to kill

dynamite- something excellent


eager beaver- enthusiastic helper

ear banger- a kiss up

ease up- calm down

edgy- nervous

educated fox- fast boy

egg beater- strict person


faint wagon- an ambulance

fella- a guy

fire up- start your engine

fix- dose of narcotics

flap your lips- to talk

flashing one’s hash- throwing up

flat foot- to talk

flip your wig- to lose control of oneself

floozy- unrefined, not sharp intellegent girl who is fun and charming

flub the dub- to slack off; be lazy

foo foo- perfume

footsie- caressing the feet of the oppsite sex with one’s own feet

fore castle lawyer- a know it all

foul- terrible

four-o – perfect

fracture- to make someone laugh

fubar- confused by alcohol

fuddy-duddy – old fashioned person


G-man – FBI investigator

gams- legs

gas- great time or hilarious

gat- gun

geezer- old person

general’s car- any wheel barrow

get a load of- look at

get lost- to leave

get the weenie- to be cheated

get under your skin- annoy

ginger- vitality; liveliness

give it to- to do something unpleasant to someone

give one the brush off- to ignore; reject

glad lad- nice looking guy

glamour puss- any attractive guy or gal

glitterati- rich famous people who love bright lights and cameras

go belly up- to fail or go bankrupt

gobbled gook- double talk; long speech

gold brick- one who evade responsibilities

gold fish- canned salmon

gone- knowledgable about the current scene

gone with the wind- run off [with the money]

gooball- girl who necks with everyone

goof burner- one who smoke marijuana

goon- an ugly guy

gorilla- stupid thug or bodyguard

grand stand- to show off

gravy- a good looking man or easy money

greeby- terrible

greenback- a dollar

grill- to interrogate intensely

grim- terrible

gripes my cookies- irritates; disgusts me

gripes my middle kidney- to give pain or irritate

gumshoe- private investigator

gunsel- a stupid thug or bodyguard


hairy- old; outdated

hang!- interjection of frustration

hang up- to quit

have to go see a man about a dog- go to the bathroom

hay- sauerkraut

heave- ho – an ejection; throwing out physically

heaven sent- nice looking guy

head lights- breasts

heave- vomit

heist- a theft

hen fruit- eggs

he-pal – good looking guy

hey, devil what say- hello

hi-de-ho – hello

hi sugar, are you rationed?- are you going steady

high pill- a big shot, an important person

high there playmate- hello

hipper-dipper – excellent; super

hipster- member of the counter culture

hitch- to marry

hold- borrow

holiday- unfinished job

holy Joe!- exclamation

holy mackerel- an interjection of surprise

homework- high school and college student word for sex

honcho- the boss

honesty!- you’re kidding

honey- attractive female

hot cake- girl who necks with everyone

hot damn- an interjection of surprise

hot digity dog! -interjection of surprise

hot rod- a souped-up car

hot shot- expert

hots, the- sexual desire

housewife- a sewing kit

hubba hubba- expression by males seeing an attractive woman

hunk of heartbreak- nice looking guy


I’m perfectly panic-stricken! – you’re kidding

icky- terrible

in cahoots with- conspiring with

in like Flynn- success; sexual or otherwise

in my book- in my opinion

in the know- knowledgable

iron kelly- a steel helmet

it’s devastating!- you’re kidding


jack- money

jackson groovy- nice looking guy

jerk- a foolish person

jiggery pokery- trickery; deception

jingle- a phone call

jitterbug- enthusiast of swing music

jive- baloney; bullshit; to make sense

jive bomber- good dancer

joe corn- an ugly guy

johnson- the male organ

joint- prison

jungle juice- homemade alcoholic beverage

juvie- juvenile delinquent


katzen jammers- the shakes; the day after drinking heavily

kennel rations- hash or meatloaf

khaki wash- boy crazy

kibosh- a stop to something

kick- please

kicks- fun

killer-diller -a humdinger; a beaut

kilroy was here- graffiti

king-size – really huge

kisser- mouth

knock off- to quit or to kill

knucklehead- stupid person

knuckle sandwich- punch in the mouth


lammister- a fugitive

lead poisoning- death or injury from bullet

leather neck- a marine

legit- on the level

let someone have it- to shoot someone

like crazy- really fast

line- an untrue story or statement

loathsome- terrible

loot- money

lulu- something excellent

luscious- good; excellent

lush worker- a criminal who mugs drunks


mae west- a vest-like life jacket

make a pass- to flirt with

maneuvers- flirting or making out

meatball- idiot or jerk

megabucks- a lot of money

megillah- a tedious detailed account

mellow man- nice looking guy

mona lizard-a prude

monking- making out

moolah- money

moon- to daydream

motorized freckles

moxie- guts; nerves; balls

mug- face or make faces

mugging- making out


nada- nothing

natch- naturally, of course

neckerchief- girl who necks with everyone

necking- making out

nerve- audacity

nice going- interjection of congradulations

no dice- interjection of rejection

no doubt- ugly guy or gal

now you’re cooking with gas- to be up to date; fashionable

nuts- crazy


O Lord and butter!- exclamation

off the hook- cleared of guilt

oh nausea!- gross

old lady- mother

on the beam- on the right track or course

on the nose- exactly

oolie droolie!- exclamation


pain in the neck- annoyance

paint remover- army coffee

palooka- average or below average boxer

pass the buck- pass responsibiliy for

passion pit- a drive in movie theatre

patch my pantywaist!- exclamation

patsy- scapegoat

paw- hands

peanuts- little money

peddle one’s papers- go away, leave

peepers- eyes

pennies from heaven- easy money

pepper shaker- good dancer

percy pants- prude or a sisy, wimp

persuader- billy club pistol

pie wagon- a patrol wagon

piker- coward or a cheapskate

pipped- getting shot

pistol- a dynamic person

pom pom- sex

poop- information; the facts

press the bricks- walk a beat

priceless- good; excellent

propeller wash- bullshit

pull- influence


quarterback- to manage

quiff- a female


rabbit food- lettuce or carrots

rag- to make fun of

rare dish- attractive female

reach for the sky- raise your hands

retread- an old performer making a comeback

rhubarb- argument, squabble

rips- pants or trousers

robot bombed- jilted

rock- a diamond; precious stone

rocks- ice

roll out- get up and get out of bed

roll up your flaps- shut up

roughhouse- to play rough

rub out- to kill

rug- toupee

run out of gas- to loose interest or momentum

rusty hen- unattractive female

rythme rocker- good dancer


sad sack- unattractive female or miserable soldier

sad sam- an ugly man

sack- bed

sack time- sleep time

salty- terrible

sappy- gullible; overly sentiment

sauced- intoxicated

sawbones- an army doctor

scoff- to eat

scrag- unattractive female

scratch- money

screw up- to make a mistake

scuttle but- gossip

sea gull- female who follows sailors port to port

seaweed- unattractive female

see the chaplain- shut up, don’t tell me your troubles

sell out- to betray someone

shag- with a date

share crop- girl who necks with everyone

sharp- excellent; outstanding

shill- a assistant of a confidence man

shot- try

shot down in flames- defrosted

shove- keep

shove in your clutch- get moving, beat it

shut-eye – sleep

side arms- salt and pepper or other condiments

signal thirty-two – radio alert that a man is armed

simply- good; excellent

sing- to inform or tattlen

singer- a snitch

skins- dollars

skip- to leave someone in pursuit

skirt patrol- looking for women

slacks chemise- one piece undergarment functioning as bra and panties

slick chick- attractive female

sloppy joe- a long baggy pullover sweater worn by school girls

slug- to hit

smoke out- force out

smooch date- girl who necks with everyone

smooch- to hug and kiss

smooching- making out

smooth- good; excellent

snap your cap- get angry

solid sender- attractive female

some of hitler’s work- an ugly guy or gal

sore- angry, resentful

souse- a drunk

spew- to vomit

spew one’s guts out- to tell everything that one knows

spivy- dressed up

spook- creep or unattractive female or spy

spring- to let out

stacked- having a nice female figure

step off the plank- to get married

stick around- stay

sticks- isolated place in the country

stiff- dead body

stocks and bonds- toilet paper

stompers- shoes

straight up- without ice

stupor man- an ugly guy

sub zero- terrible

sugar daddy- rich man who supports a woman

sugar puss- nice looking guy

super- good; excellent

swamp seed- rice

sweater girl- a girl who wears tight sweaters and uplifting bras

sweet- excellent

sweetheart- one’s rifle

swigger- a drinker

swing skirt- round cut flaring skirt

swish- a homosexual male

swoony- nice looking guy


take a gander- look at; examine

tap- to deprive of money

thingamabob- an object for which a name is unavailable

three sheets to the wind- drunk

through the wringer- a tough question

tin derby- helmet

to skunk- hold scoreless

too perfect- good; excellent

toots- a girl or woman

torpedo juice- homemade liquor

tough- too bad

toujour la clinch- girl who necks with everyone

twangy boy-nice looking guy

20-20 – attractive female

two cents worth- weak advise


unmentionables- woman’s underwear

up for grabs- available to anyone


void coupon- an ugly guy or gal


wacky- crazy

wad- money

well cut off my leg and call my shorty- you’re kidding

what’s buzzin’, cousin?- hows it going?

what’s cooking?- what is going on?

what’s up?- what is going on?

whistle bait- attractive female

whistle dixie- to be mistaken

wolfess- attractive female

wolfing- going out on the prowl for men

wrack your brain- think hard



yuck- a stupid or foolish person


zazz girl- attractive female

zombie- unattractive female