Cards:      two 52 standard deck[104 cards]

Teams:     4 Handed [2 Teams of 2]

                   6 Handed [2 Teams of 3] or [3 Teams of 2]

The Deal: Dealing 2 cards at a time to each player counter-clockwise

                  for 4 Handed dealing out 20 cards to each.

                 Dealing 2 cards to each player at a time for 6 Handed dealing

                out 17 cards to each. Dealer has the option to deal 1 card

               at the beginning or ending of the deal before or after

              dealing 2 at a time. Then turning up the top card of the remaining

             cards to denote trump.

The Bid:    From the dealers right going counter-clockwise each player bids

           how many tricks they can take. There will be 10 tricks from

          both 4 handed and 6 handed game. When the next partner bids he/she

         combines his/hers to partners for their bid.

Ranking of Cards:

                The trumps are: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A

               The other three suits are: A,K,Q,J,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2

The Play: Player on the dealer’s right leads the first trick. The play is

                 played counter-clockwise. After the players discard 1 card the

                play goes around so that each trick will have 8 cards[12 for

               6 handed] If the highest or trumped with highest trump has

              the same suit and value it counters each other. Then the second

             highest card takes it unless it too has two of the same card with

            the same value and suit. Which means it will then be the next

           highest takes the trick. Trump cannot be led until broken. You

           cannot trump unless you are out of the suit that was led. if you

          have the suit you must beat the trick [only on the second discard

          on the trick/ the first discard around youdon’t have to. Yet if out of

          a suit, you do not have to beat it with also may discard

          a card same as the card that is already is beating what is discarde

        to counter it to eliminate it as high. you may throw off.[When playing

       6 handed the last trick will be counted as 2 tricks] With 6 handed

       the last trick will not be go around twice. The player that took the

      trick, their partner leads next trick. When 6 handed the partner on

     the right to the player took the tricks leads to the next.

The Game:    Game is to 500

Scoring:    Taking the amount you bid you recieve 10X. [example the bid 6 you

                   make 60] if you make extra you get 10X the bid and one point each

                  every extra trick. [example if the bid is 5 and the tricks are 7 then

                 the score is 52] If you make less than the bid you recieve nothing.

Extra Points:    Taking all ten tricks and bidding ten you recieve 25 ponits.

               Taking all ten tricks and bid less than ten you only recieve 10.

             At half way through [making it to 250 or pass 250] and each hand you

            make your bid every time without going over or under you recieve 25 points.

            From the point you pass the halfway point the next hand until you reach

           500 or over and the hands at this stage you did not go over or under

          every hand you recieve 25 points.




Same as above except the rankings of suits/trump

Ranking of Cards:

The trumps are: A,K,Q,J,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2

The other three suits are: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A



Counters Back and Countred Back

Same as above respectively except the extra scoring.

When going under your bid it is not zero it is minus xtimes what you bid, only

when you have already have made a bid [example first hand making less than

bid is zero. Must be vulnerable. which means you would be -50

if bidding five only making 4 then -50, when you have made a bid or made over bid.

[example if the bid is 6 and you only make 4 or 5 tricks you recieve -60] if have not

made a bid but has gone over and have reached 40, then you become vulnerable.

4 handed and 6 handed [2 teams of 3] game the game is  to 300.

6 handed [3 teams of 2] the game is to 200.

Extra points halfway points [300 same 200] [150 is 100]



Same as above except a joker is added. If the joker comes up as trump.

either nothing is trump which the rankings are:


if there are trump it is the same as Counters

Or the dealer makes trumps. Whatever agreed upon.

Also you must beat the trick even if with trump. You can not throw off.

If someone has the joker that player throws it in and recieves the top card.

The card following is trump.

The scoring is the same as Counters Back and Countred Back except if going over

there are no tenX you only recieve the amount that were taken.And you need to be

vulnerable. you must have made a bid [bidding 6 making 6 you are 60 then you

would be vulnerable] if bidding 5 and making 6 you would be 6 not 51. still you are

not vulnerable. although you have not made a bid and have made more or less and you

have reached 30 points or more you become vulnerable.

It is a 6 handed game with 3 teams of 2 [2-on2-on2] best challenge is six handed than a

four handed, but four handed can be played.

The game is to 200.