Abisselfa- by itself


Abandons- street prostitutes

Above board- in open sight

Above one’s bend- out of one’s power

Above snakes- above ground; still alive

Absquatulate- to leave

A cartwheel- silver dollar

Ace-High – first class

Ace in the hole- a hideout

According to Hoyle – correct, by the book

Acknowledge the corn – to admit the truth, to confess a lie

Acock – Knocked over, suddenly surprised.

Acorn calf -a weak or runty calf

Acquisitive – booty, plunder.

Acreocracy – a landlord interest.

Across lots – fastest way possible

Actual – money

Adam’s Ale – water

Addle-headed – empty-headed.

Addle-pot – a spoil sport

Advantage – carrying a derringer in a coat pocket that is charged and at half cock

Afeared – frightened

Afterclaps – unexpected happenings after an event is supposed to be over

Afly – to become expert at

Agregado- farm hand allowed to work for himself on part of the landowners soil

Airtights- canned goods

Airin’ the lungs -cussing

Airin’ the paunch – vomit

Air line road – railroad track when it passes over the level unbroken prairie

Airtights – canned goods

Alamo- cottonwood tree

Albino- pale cream horse

Alcade- title applied to a mayor or judge

Alfalfa desperado – a farmer

Alfilaria- the pin grass of the plains

A lick and a promise – do a haphazard job

Alkali- man drunk or sick on poisoned water

Alkali flat- a flat stretch of country ruined by alkali

All abroad – at a loss

All beer and skittles – unpleasant

All day sucker- long lasting candy

All down but nine – not understood

Allers – always

All my eye – nonsense, untrue

All over – bearing a resemblance to some particular object

All-overish – uncomfortable

All the caboose – everywhere

All the shoot – the whole assembly

All to pieces – completely

Allot upon – to intend

All-standing – without preparation

Amble -to walk

Ambush – scales used by grocers, coal-dealers

Amigo- friend

Among the willows -dodging the Law

Amputate your timber- go way

Angelicas – young unmarried women

Angle iron- triangle instrument hung outside cook house on the range

Angoras – hair-covered, goat-hide chaps

Annex – to steal

Ante- to pay up

Anti-fogmatic – raw rum or whiskey

Anti-goglin – lopsided

Appaloosa- horse whose spots vary in sizes and colors

Apple – saddle horn

Apple Jack – liquor distilled from cider

Apple peeler – pocket Knife

Apple pie order – in top shape

Appola- sticks on which small pieces ogf meat were roasted over an open fire

Apron straps- straps attached to saddle to secure items on it

Aquisitive- booty; plunder

Arbuckle – coffee

Arizona nightingale- donkey; burro

Arizona tenor- man suffering from tuberculosis

Arkansas toothpick – long, sharp knife

Artastra- mill stone used for crushing gold, silver or ore

Ary – either.

Ash-hopper – box for ashes

Ask no adds – ask no favor

Atole- corn meal porridge

At sea – at a loss

Atween – between

Atwixt – between

Auger – big boss

Axle grease – butter


Bach – a bachelor

Backdoor trots – diarrhea

Back staircase -a derisive tern for a woman’s bustle

Bad box – in a bad predicament

Bad egg – bad person

Bad medicine -bad news

Bag of nails – topsy-turvy

Bait – food

Baker’s dozen – thirteen

Bake – to overheat a horse

Balderdash – nonsense

Baldface dishes – china dishes

Ballast – money

Balled up – confused

Ballyhoo – exaggeration

Balmy – sleepy, dull

Bamboozle – to deceive

Banco- a sandbank in a water course

Band wagon – peddler’s wagon

Bandana- neckerchief for several purposes

Banded – hungry

Bandera- flag

Bandero – widow’s weeds

Bangtail – wild horse

Banjo – a short-handled shovel

Banquette a side-walk

Banter- to challenge; to defy

Barboguelo- chin strap of a hat

Bar dog – bar tender

Bared – shaved

Barber’s cat -sickly-looking person

Barber’s clerk -over-dressed fellow who trys to act like a gentleman

Barefoot – unshod horse

Barkin’ at a knot -doing something useless

Barking irons -pistols

Barking squirrel- prairie dog

Barranca- steep sided ravine

Barrens – elevated lands upon which grow small trees

Barrow-tram-a-rawbone – awkward looking person

Barrel boarder -a bum

Barrel fever – hangover

Base burner – drink of whiskey

Bat – a frolic, a spree

Batch of crumbs- bugs, a man finds in his blanket

Batea- small receptacle for panning gold

Batting his eyes -man who look on but don’t play poker

Battlin’ stick -a stick to stir clothes in the wash pot

Bat wings – chaps

Bay-window – pregnancy

Bazoo -mouth

Beads – bubbles which rise on a glass of wine or spirits

Bean master -the cook

Bear- fully armed; prepared for trouble

Bear sign – donuts

Bear’s nest- cattle ranch’s line camp

Beating the road -traveling on a railroad train without paying

Beat the devil around the stump -to evade responsibility or a difficult task

Bed him down -to kill a man

Bed-post -a moment

Bed-rock -not able to go lower

Bee in your bonnet -an idea

Beef -to kill

Beef-headed -stupid

Beef tea -shallow water fouled by cattle

Been in the Sun -drunk

Been through the mill -been through a lot

Bee-sweetening -honey

Beetle-crushers -feet

Bell heather- cow who wears a bell in the lead

Bellyache -complain

Belly cheater -a cook

Belly robber -a cook

Belly through the brush – dodge the law

Belly wash – weak coffee

Belvidere – handsome man

Bend an elbow – have a drink

Bender – a spree or a frolic

Benzinery -low-grade drinking place

Best bib and tucker -wearing your best clothes

Betty -pear-shaped bottle

Between hay and grass – between boyhood and manhood

Bible – small packet of papers used to roll cigarettes

Bible puncher- a man who quotes the Bible

Bible two- a list of wanted men

Biddy – a nagging or complaining woman.

Biff -to strike in ones face

Big augur -ranch owner

Big bug – important person

Big fifty – rifle for buffalo hunting

Big figure – to do things on on a large scale

Big guns- men of importance

Big house- home of the ranch owner

Big jump – death

Big nuts to crack -difficult or large undertaking

Big pasture -the penitentiary

Big sugar- ranch owner

Biggest toad in the puddle -most important person in a group

Bilk – to cheat or a man who failed to pay his dues

Bird cage- a derisive tern for a woman’s bustle

Biscuit – saddle horn

Biscuit Roller -the cook

Biscuit Shooter -the cook or a waitress in a restaurant

Bite the dust- fall on face from falling off the saddle

Bite the Ground – to be killed

Bit House -a saloon or store everything costs a bit [12 1/2 cents]

Black-eyed Susan – six-gun

Black jack- ore or zinc to a miner

Black-Leg – gambler

Black sack- rum and molasses

Black Snake – long whip

Black strap- molasses

Blackstrap -gin and molasses

Black Water -weak coffee

Blarney – flattery, tall tales

Blather – impudence

Blatherskite -blustering, noisy, talkative fellow

Blaze- to make a trail

Blazers- deception; a lie

Blazes -euphemism for hell or the devil

Blazzing saddles or devil’s bit- a root used as medicine

Blind trail- lost or misleading trail

Blot a brand- to deface a brand

Blotched brand- a defaced brand

Blow -to taunt or rest after a steep climb

Blow in- to arrive

Blow out – feast

Blow out a man’s lamp- kill him

Blue backs- Confederacy paper money

Blue belly- a soldier

Blue devils -dispirited

Blue John -skimmed milk

Blue lightnin’ – six-gun

Blue stocking -an epithet applied to literary ladies

Blusteration – noise of a braggart

Bobbery – argument

Bobtail guard -the first cowboy guarding the cattle at night.

Bockey -a bowl made from a gourd.

Bodega – liquor store

Boogered up- badly injured

Boggy top – pie baked without a top crust

Bog-trotter – one that lives in a boggy country

Bogus – rum and molasses

Boil over – horse that starts bucking

Boisderache- buffalo chips

Bolt -to swallow food without chewing

Bonanza – discovery of an exceptionally rich vein of gold or silver

Bone orchard -cemetery

Bonnet strings- thongs of a man’s hat

Boodle -a crowd of people

Boogered up -crippled

Boot-licker – ass-kisser

Boom along – to move rapidly

Boot yard – cemetery

Bo-Peep -to play at bo-peep

Boose -drink liquor

Boosy – a little intoxicated

Boosily -lazily, in a state of intoxication

Border draw- method of drawing a gun with the weapon on the opposite side

Border roll- a maneuver of a gunslinger surrendering his gun only to spin it and shoot it

Border shift- a passing of a gun from one hand to another

Bosh -nonsense.

Boss -the best, top

Bossy – calf

Boston dollar – penny

Bothahrayshun -a bother

Bottle courage- whiskey

Bottom -low land with rich soil

Bottom-lands – rich flat land on the banks of rivers.

Bottled courage -whiskey

Boudin- tender buffalo meat used in sausage

Bouncing -large, heavy

Bouge -to swell out

Boughton- store bought from outside not homemade

Bowie-Knife -a knife

Box canyon- a blind canyon one entry, no exit

Box herder -a person in charge of the women at a brothel or saloon

Brace- to fix a gambling game

Brain tablet -cigarette

Brand artist – rustler who alters brands with a running iron

Brasada- armful of firewood

Brassero- brick oven

Brave maker- whiskey

Breachy -unruly oxen

Bread jerker – Adam’s apple

Beak down timber- to get out fast

Brick in one’s hat -to be drunk

Brigham young cocktail -strong whiskey

Broke in two – horse bucking

Bronc buster – cowboy who could tame wild horses

Broken wind – lung infection in horses

Broomtail – long, bushy-tailed range mare

Brother-chip – fellow-carpenter

Brown study -deep thought

Brown gargle -coffee

Brush – skirmish, or fight

Buck nun- a recluse bachelor

Buckaroo – cowboy

Bucket of blood – violence-prone saloon

Bucket shop – gin mill or distillery

Bucking the tiger -playing poker

Buckle bunnies -female groupies who follow and befriend rodeo riders

Buckle-to set about any task with energy and a determination

Buckskin- a Virginian

Buffaloed -confused

Buffaloed- struck on the head before drawing one’s gun

Bug juice -booze

Build a loop -shaking out a coil of rope in preparation for roping

Bulgar- uncommonly large

Bull – officer of the law

Bulldoze – bully, threaten

Bulldozer – big person

Bullet mold- a hinged mold for making bullets

Bullets- pockets; pieces of gold

Bull nurse – cowboy

Bullwhacker – person who drives a team of oxen

Bulo a smoke- to roll a cigarette

Bumblebee whiskey – liquor strong enough to sting

Bunch quitter- horse or cow that has a habit of breaking free of the bunch

Bunko artist – con man

Bunuelo- biscuit fried in fat

Burg – town

Burgeois- person of middle class

Burn the breeze -ride at full speed

Bunch quitter- horse or cow has the habit of breaking free from the bunch

Burrow milk -nonsense

Buscadero- searcher used by gunmen

Bushed-worn down; tired

Bushwhack – cowardly attack or ambush

Buss – kiss

Buster -anything large in size

Butt- handle of a gun

Butter nut- confederate soldier

Button – A young boy

Buzzard bait – worn out horse

Buzzard food -dead

By Hook or crook -to do any way possible

By the skin of one’s teeth -when a man has made a narrow escape from any dilemma


Caboodle – the whole thing

Caboose – ship’s cooking-range

Cabron- an outlaw of the lowest order

Cactus boomers- wild brush cattle

Cahoots – partnership

Calaboose – jail

Calamity Jane – hard-cussing, heavy-drinking frontier woman, Queen of Spades

Calf slobbers – meringue on the top of pie

Calibogus-rum and spruce beer

Calico -painted horse

Calico Queen – prostitute

California- to bring an animal down by tripping it

California collar -hangman’s noose

California moccasins- sack tied around the feet to protect against the cold

California pants- striped or checkered pants of heavy wool

California prayer book – a deck of cards

California widow – a woman separated from her husband, but not divorced

Calling- courting

Calumet- long stemmed pipe

Calzoneras- pants slit outside of leg below the knees

Camas- staple food of Native Americans northwest and Canada

Came apart- horse bucking

Camino real- public highway

Camp staller- a horse reluctant to leave camp in the morning

Canary cage- a derisive tern for a woman’s bustle

Can opener- spurs

Candle-light – dusk

Canister – gun

Canned cow – canned milk

Cannon -revolver

Can openers – spurs

Cantina- a saloon or wine shop

Cap the climax- to beat all

Cardinal -a woman’s cloak

Carmudgeon- a miser

Carretela- horse drawn carriage

Carryall – four-wheeled pleasure carriage

Cartucho- cartridge shell

Cash in- to die

Catalogue woman -mail order bride

Catawampous -fiercely, eagerly

Catawamptiously Chawed Up -completely demolished

Catch a tartar – attack one of superior strength or abilities

Catch a Weasel Asleep -referring to something impossible

Catgut – Rawhide rope

Cat’s Paw- to be made a tool to accomplish something

Cattle baron -cattle owner with numerous herds of stock

Cattle Kate -female cattle rustler.

Catty-cornered -diagonally across

Cavort -to frolic

Cat wagon -wagon that carried prostitutes along cattle trails

Cavallard -caravans crossing the prairies

Cerro- a hill

Chaffy- clownish

Chap – boy, lad, a fellow

Chapping- beating of a man with leggings

Chaqueta- heavy jacket

Charlie Taylor- butter made of molasses and fat

Chaw- a plug of tobacco

Chaw up -to use up

Che-muck- miner’s term for food

Chew – eat

Chew gravel – thrown from a horse

Chip – money drawer in a bank

Chisel -to cheat or swindle

Chitlins – fragments

Chock – put a wedge under a thing

Chock full- entirely full

Chock up- close tight

Choke strap -necktie

Choke the horn -to grab the saddle horn

Chow – cooked food

Chuck -to throw

Chuck -food

Chuck away- meal time

Chucklehead -a fool

Chuck-line rider -unemployed cowboy who rode from ranch to ranch, exchanging a bit of news and gossip for a meal

Chuck Wagon Chicken – fried bacon

Churn twister – a farmer

Claim jumper-one who illegally took possesion of a claim

Clap-trap- artifice for attracting applause

Claw leather – grab the saddle horn

Clean his plow- to whip a man

Clip -a blow or a stroke with the hand

Clinch mountain – rye whiskey

Clodhopper – a clown

Close-Fisted -stingy, mean

Clothesline – rope

Coach whip snake- harmless snake that resembles coach whips

Coal-hod – kettle for carrying coals to the fire

Cocinero -the camp cook

Cocked hat – knock someone senseless

Cocktail guard- last guard of the night on a trail drive

Cofecito- cup of coffee

Coffee boiler – lazy person

Coffin varnish – whiskey

Coil – rope

Contle- raised rear part of saddle

Cookie – cook

Cold as a wagon tire -dead

Cold meat wagon – hearse

Colors – particles of gold gleaming in a prospector’s gold pan

Cooling yer heels -staying for a while

Come a cropper -come to ruin, fail

Common doings- plain food

Compressed hay – cowchips

Concord- stagecoach

Conniption fit -a fit of hysteria

Consumption – tuberculosis

Converter -a preacher

Cookie- the cook

Coon’s age- long time

Coosie -the camp cook

Coot- an idiot

Copper -copper coin

Copper a bet -betting to lose

Corn-cracker – a native of Kentucky

Corn-dodger – bread made of corn and water or milk

Corned -drunk

Corn juice -whisky

Corral dust -lies and tall tales

Cottonwood blossom -man lynched from the limb of a tree

Cotton To -to take a liking to

Countrified -rustic

Couldn’t hold a candle to -not even close

Coulee- steep sided ravine

Cowboy cocktail – straight whiskey

Cow chip – dried cow manure

Cow grease – butter

Cowhide -particular kind of whip made of raw hide

Cow juice – milk

Cow peas- black bean

Cow salve- butter

Cow sense – intelligence

Cow wood – cowchips

Crack -best

Cracked – crazy

Cracker – small hard biscuit

Crackerbox – a bronc saddle

Cracklings – the remains of a wood fire

Crack up – to brag or boast

Cradle- a rocking box, washing gold from dirt and gravel

Crambo -a diversion in which one gives a word, to which another finds a rhyme

Crawl his hump – to start a fight

Crazy as a loon – very crazy

Creepmouse – a term of endearment to babies

Critter – creature, varmint

Croaker – pessimist, doomsayer

Crony- pal

Crooked as a Virginia fence -figuratively to persons of a stubborn temperament

Cross cut- short cut on a journey

Cross grained- troublesome

Cross patch- ill- tempered person

Crotchety – whimsical; fanciful

Crowbar hotel – jail

Crown fire- fire that swept through the top of trees

Cruller -cake made of a strip of sweetened dough, boiled in lard

Crumb castle – chuckwagon

Crumb Incubator -a cowboy’s bed

Crummy – the caboose of a railroad train

Crusty- sturdy

Cubby-hole -snug place for a child

Curandero- one who cures by herbs

Curly Bill spin- a maneuver of a gunslinger surrendering his gun only to spin it and shoot it

Curly wolf -real tough guy

Curmudgeon – a miser

Curry favor – to seek or gain favor by flattery

Curry the kinks out – to break a horse

Cush- sweet fried corn meal cake

Cut a caper – the act of dancing in a frolicksome manner

Cut a dash -make a great show

Cut a figure- make an appearance

Cut a path- to leave

Cut a rusty- to go courting

Cut and dried -ready made

Cut and run – to be gone.

Cut dirt – to go fast.

Cut a path – leave

Cut a swell – present a fine figure

Cut his suspenders – A departed cowboy

Cut of his jib – The form of his profile

Cut stick – to leave immediately and quickly

Cut up shines – play tricks

Cutter – one horse sleigh

Cyprian- prostitute


Dabster – one who is expert in anything

Daisy – good; excellent

Dancing devil- dust storm

Dander – passion, emotion

Dang – euphemism for damn

Dangler – an express train

Dead-alive – dull, inactive

Dead as a door nail – completely dead

Dead fall- a drinking den

Dead man’s hand -poker hand consisting of a pair of aces and a pair of eights

Dead meat – corpse

Dead shot- accurate marksman

Deadshot – strong liquor

Deadwood- to have advantage over someone

Deal from the bottom- to cheat

Death camass-poisonous plant

Death on – very fond of

Dehorn- a quarrelsome hard drinker

Democrat pasture- grazing area, enclosing natural gap in mountain of a canyon

Derringer- pocket pistol

Desert canary – a burro

Desert rat- a wandering prospector for gold

Devil’s addition – Red Light District

Deviltry – mischief

Dew wrangler- horse herder in morning

Dice house – bunkhouse

Dickens – euphemism for devil, a lot

Dicker – barter; negotiate

Didn’t have a tail feather left – broke

Dig out- to depart

Diggers – spurs

Diggings – one’s home

Dilly-dally – to delay

Dipping – chewing snuff

Dirk – a dagger

Dinero – money

Dish – to ruin

Disremember – forget or choose to forget

Ditched – arrested

Ditties- odds and ends

Ditty – a which-i-ma-call-it

Dive – bunkhouse

Doctor’s cutter- sleigh with large top for a doctor

Dog cheap – anything exceedingly cheap

Doggery – cheap saloon

Doggie – an orphaned calf or small calf

Dogs – destroyed

Doings – cooked food

Don’t care a continental – don’t give a damn

doofunnies- knives and trickets

Double shuffle-change in pace and rythme

Dough belly – a cook

Dough boxer – camp cook

Dough puncher – camp cook

Dough wrangler – a cook

Doughgods – biscuits

Douse-the-lights – sleep time

Dowd- woman’s night cap

Down in the mouth – dispirited

Down to the blanket – Almost broke

Doxology works – a church

Dragged out- exhausted

Dram shop – a small drinking establishment

Draw -drawing your gun

Draw cuts – decide by drawing straws

Dreadful – a lot

Dreambook – small packet of papers used to roll cigarettes

Driving the nail -sport consisting of attempts to drive a nail into a post with rifle or pistol fire

Dry gulch – ambush someone

Dug-out -a canoe

Dull music – anything tedious

Dump – jail or boarding house

Dunderhead – blockhead

Dust devil whirl- dust storm

Dusted – thrown from a horse

Dutch oven- heavy cast iron pot

Dynamite – whiskey


Eagle – gold ten dollar coin

Easy in the trigger- quick tempered, always tempermentally at half cocked

Eating irons – silverware

Enramada- a bower, shady grove

Equalizer – pistol

Estufa- heated room where sacred fire burn

Eucher – to out-smart someone

Eventuate – terminate

Exalted- hanged

Excuse-me-ma’am -a bump in the road

Exfluncticate – to destroy

Eye baller- a meddlar; nosy person


Fag – to get out fast

Fair to middlin’ – feeling pretty good

Fair shake – fair trade

Fam-a-diddle – a fancy dress

Family disturbance – whiskey

Fan a gun- a method of firing a revolver

Fan the breeze- to hasten

Fandango – a big party

Fat in the fire – to have one’s plans frustrated

Fence crawlers- horse or cattle prone to break or jump fences

Fence rider a fence sitting spectator at a horse breaking

Fetch – bring, give

Fice – a worthless dog

Fiddle – a horse’s head.

Fiddle faddle – nonsense

Fight like kilkenny cats – fight like hell

Fill a blanket – roll a cigarette

Fine as cream gravy – top notch

Firewater – liquor

Fish Bait – do it or quit talking about it

Five beans in the wheel – five cartridges in the six chambers of a rvolver

Fix – predicament, dilemma

Fix one’s flint – to settle a matter

Fixin’ – intending

Fixing for high riding- prepare to depart in a hurry

Fixings – cooked food

Flag your kite- hurried departure

Flannel mouth – an overly smooth or fancy talker

Flap-Jack – a fried cake, pancake, fritter

Flat- foolish fellow

Flats – low lands, valley

Flea-trap – a cowboy’s bedroll

Flinders shreds- splinters; broken pieces

Flummux – perplex, embarrass

Flusteration – confusion

Fo farrow- a decorative fancy dress

Fogy – stupid fellow

Folded up -horse bucking

Fore-handed – to be in good circumstances

Fork- to mount

Fork a hoss – ride a horse.

Forted in – Intrenched in a fort

Forty rod lightning – Liquor

Four-flusher – a cheat; bluffer

Fox boots – to repair boots by adding new soles or leather

Fraggle- to rob

Freeze- be in a state of excitement

French leave – to run away

Frog walk- movement of a horse short easy hops

Frolic – a wild celebration

Frying size- young fellow

Fuddled – tipsy

Full as a tick – very drunk

Full chisel or full drive – at full speed

Full of prunes- spirited

Full-rigged – completely leather-covered saddle

Full split- with the greatest violence and impetuosity

Fussed dark – twilight


Gaboon- spittoon; cuspidor

Gadabout – one who walks about without business

Gal-boy – romping girl or tomboy

Gallery- porch of a house

Gallnipper – large mosquito

Gallowses – suspenders

Galranized yankee- captured confederate soldier given freedom if joining union

Gambusino- gold prospector or gold thief

Game Leg – lame leg

Gammon – humbug

Gay cat – one who cases banks and towns for future jobs

General treat – glass of liquor bought by one person in a tavern to everyone present bought by one

Get a wiggle on – hurry

Get it in the neck – get cheated, misled

Get shed of – get rid of

Get the mitten – be rejected by a lover

Get the wrong pig by the tail – make a mistake in selecting a person for any purpose

Ginnin’ about – moving fast

Girls of the line – prostitutes

Give him jessy – give a flogging

Give the mitten – when a lady turns down a man’s proposal

Goat meat – venison killed out of season.

Go boil your shirt – get lost

Go the whole hog – in favor of anything

Goings on – behavior

Gone goslin – done for

Goose drownder- heavy rain

gophering- diggings by prospector

Gospel mill – a church

Gospel sharp – a preacher

Got the bulge – have the advantage

Grab a root – eat a meal

Grab the apple – grabbing hold of the saddle horn

Grail- small particles

Grappling irons- spurs

Grassed – thrown from a horse

Grass widow – a divorcee

Grease bush- resinous bush

Greased lightning – very fast

Greasy belly – a camp cook

Greenhorn- inexperienced man of the way of the west

Greens – leaves and green vegetables

Grist- a bunch

Gritty – courageous, spirited

Grocery- a saloon

Grog – gin and water

Groggery- saloon

Grub pile – cooked meal

Grub slinger – a cook

Grub spoiler- a cook

Grub worm- a cook

Grubstake – provided the materials a prospector needs, including food and money

Grunter -a hog

Gulch- deep sided ravine with a stream at the bottom

Gully washer – a hard rain

Gump – a foolish person

Gunslinger- someone resorted to the guns

Grunter- hog

Gun hung- armed with holstered gun

Gut hooks – spurs

Gut warmer – whiskey

Guttersnipe – a homeless child who roamed the streets

Gypped- to be cheated

Gypsum- gyp


Hair case – hat

Hair in the butter – a delicate situation

Half faced cabin- temperory cabin with one side open

Half seas over – intoxicated

Hammer and tongs – in a noisy, furious manner

Hand and glove – intimate

Handle- a man’s name what he goes by

Hang fire – delay.

Hang up one’s fiddle – to give up

Hard case – worthless

Hard money – silver and gold

Hard row to hoe – a difficult matter or job to accomplish

Hardware- a belt gun

Harum-scarum – a person always in a hurry

Hatchet pipe- tomahawk and smoking pipe

Have a mind to – to be willing

Hawg legs- single action pistol

Hay baler – a horse

Hay wire- crazy

Hay seed- a rough, ignorant man

Heap – a lot

Hearn- heard

Hearty as a buck – very well, healthy

Heeled – to be armed with a gun

Hell-fired -immensely great

Hell rousers – spurs

Hellabaloo – confusion

Helter-skelter – In a hurry

Hemp fevor- a hanging

Hen skins – cowboy’s bedroll

Hide – to beat, spank

Higgledy-piggledy – in confusion

High binder – a dangerous and vicious man or horse

High-grader – a man who stole any big nuggets which he saw in the sluice boxes

High lonesome- a heavy drinker

High tail – ride off quickly

Hill nutty- a prospector of hill country

Hill of beans – something of trifling value

Hindsite first – backwards

Hit pay dirt – find something of value

Hitch rail- a rail to horses upon

Hitched – got married

Hitching post- a post to tie a horse upon

Hits the flat – go out on the prairie

Hobble your lip – shut up

Hocter- tiny amount

Hog at the trough – superior

Hog-killin time – having a good time

Hog ranch – ranches that seemed to raise hogs yet are dens for drinking

Hog wild- excited

Hoja- corn shuck used as cigarette paper

Hold a candle to – compare to

Hold down a claim- to establish legal ownership

Hold your horses – stay calm

Hole up- to take shelter

Holler calf rope- to give up

Honey-fogle – to swindle

Honey-fuggled – to pull the wool over one’s eyes

Hook – to steal

Hooks – spurs

Hook shop- brothel

Hooraw- to ride through town and raise hell

Hoosegow – a jail

Hop – a dance

Hopped for mama – horse bucking

Horn – glass of liquor

Hornswoggle – to cheat or trick

Horse thief special – a raisn and boiled rice dish.

Horse feathers – ridiculous

Hot as a whorehouse on nickel night – too darn hot

Hot rock – biscuit

Hot roll- bedroll

Huckleberry above a persimmon – a cut above.

Humbug – deception

Hounds – rowdies of the gold-rush

Hurricane deck – saddle of a bucking horse.

Husking bee – a social event a group of people husk corn and to drink

Husking frolic- a social event a group of people husk corn and to drink


Idaho brain storm- dust storm

Indian broke – a horse trained to be mounted from the right side

Indian side – right side of a horse

Indian whiskey – cheap, adulterated liquor

In for it – engaged in a thing from which there is no retreating.

In liquor – intoxicated

Iron – agun.

Iron horse – a railroad train.

Is that a bluff, or do you mean it for real play? – Are you serious?


Jack of Diamonds – whiskey made of rye

Jamboree- wild celebration

Java- coffee

Javalina- musk hog

Jawhawker- Kansas gorilla fighter [during the Civil War] or a tarantula

Jawing – talking.

Jerked meat – fresh meat dried in the open air

Jerky- jerked beef

Jerusalem undertaker- a comb

Jewerly- belt gun; firearm

Jicara- bowl

Jig is up – game is over

Jingled – drunk

Jingler – a person who talks in rhyme

Jimmying a bull – shooting a law officer

John B. – A cowboy hat

John Barleycorn – beer

John Henry- a signature

Johnny completely- a new comer to the country

Joshua tree- yucca plant

Joy juice – whiskey

Jump the broom – get married

Juniper- a new comer to the west

Justins – cowboy boots


Kansas neck blister- bowieknife

Kansas sheep dip- whiskey

Karimption- small crowd

Keep that dry – keep it secret

Keep the pot a boiling – keep it going

Kelly’s- hand-made spurs

Kick- to complain

Kick up a row – create a disturbance

Kid- child pickpocket

Kidney pad – eastern saddle

Kill pecker guard- guard of cow herd from sundown

Kitchen safe – cupboard

Knee-high to a…grasshopper, lamb, jackrabbit – short statue or youth

Knob – hills .

Knock galley west – beat senseless

Knocked into a cocked hat- ruined


Lacing – a beating

Lag – prisoner

Lambasting – a beating

Land loper- a vagrant who strolls about the country

Lapper – a hard drinker

Lardon- a thief

Larruping- great

Lasso – long rope or cord, with a noose

Last round up- death

Latchpan – lower lip

Lay – price, salary, bed or a spread of land

Lead plumb – bullet

Lead poisoning – shot

Lead pusher – gun

Leafless tree- gallows

Leap the book – illegal or false marriage.

Leg bail – run away.

Left-handed wife – Mistress

Leggins – chaps

Lenty- inexperienced man

Lick – molasses or a blow

Lickety split – at full speed

Lick spittle- one who will stoop to any dirty work

Lickfinger – to kiss ass

Licking – a flogging, a beating

Life preserver – a gun

Lights – eyes

Like a thoroughbred – like a gentleman

Like lickin’ butter off a knife – easy

Lilly liver- coward

Limb- leg

Lining the flue – eating

Lily Liver – a coward

Little end of the horn – come away from a situation at a disadvantage

Llano- prairie, plains

Loaded for bears – lightly intoxicated

Loaded to the gunwhales – drunk

Lock, stock, and barrel – the whole thing

Loco – crazy

Loco weed- poisonous, purple or white flower

Lone star – independent cowboy

Lonesome- a drink on one’s own

Long and short- the end

Longhorned- experienced

Longhorns- wild cattle

Lookin’ at a mule’s tail – plowing

Lookin’ to die -very ill

Lope – a leap

Lotion – a drink

Louse cage – bunkhouse

Love apples – canned tomatoes

Love lick – rough caress

Lubber- a sturdy man

Lucifer- strike on anything match

Lunger – a person with tuberculosis

Lunkhead- idiot senseless

Lynching bee – a hanging

Lubber – a sturdy man

Lunk-headed – idiotic; senseless

Lush-crib – a saloon

Lynching- illegal hanging

Lynching bee- a hanging


Mad as a march hare – angry

Mad as a hornet – angry

Madder than an old wet hen – angry

Made his Jack – got what one aimed at

Make a mash- impress someone

Make hay while the sun shines – make the most of the day

Make smoke- to shoot a gun

Make tracks – to leave

Man for breakfast – a murdered body in the streets at dawn

Man sader- a horse tamer

Manana- tomorrow

Mananza- horn of a saddle

Mantilla- head shawl for women

Marooning – have a party or picnic

Mary – an effeminate homosexual.

Mashed – in love

Massena partridge- quail

Mauled – drunk

Marble orchard – graveyard

May hay – to make confusing

Mealer – one who drinks liquor only during meals

Medicine tongue- a deluge of talk

Mexican strawberries – dried beans

Milling – fighting

Miss Nancy – an effeminate man

Missed hole- a hole drilled for explosives which failed to go off

Mite- little

Mockered – defiled

Molled – in the company of a woman

Molocher – cheap hat

Monkey shines – strange actions

Monkey ward cowboy – a tenderfoot.

Mormon tea – liquor

Mosey – to saunter

Moss backs- old fogies

Mouldy grubs – traveling showmen

Mouth-bet – a gambling man who only gives verbal promises to pay

Mouthpiece – a lawyer

Muck forks – hands or fingers

Muck-snipe – one who has been cleaned out in poker

Mud pipes – boots or shoes

Muddy end of the stick – short end of the stick

Muddy grub- traveling showman

Mule-ears – boots

Muled eared rabbit- ignorant

Mule’s breakfast – straw bed

Muleskinner – person who rides in a wagon pulled by mules

Muley- small brim hat

Mushhead- a stupid, witless person

Music root – sweet potato

Mustang grape- red grape from Texas

Mustard – to disturb cattle

Muzzle – loiter

Mysteries – sausages


Nailed to the counter – proven a lie

Naked possessor- occupy land without title undisputedly

Nanny shop – brothel

Nary-one – neither

Navy model – colt firearms

Necessary – outhouse

Neck oil – whiskey

Necktie party – a hanging

Nester – a squatter who settled on government land

Nibbler – petty thief

Nibble – to steal

Nipper – baby or small child

No medicine- lack of information

Nobby – fine, stylish

Northern- cold winds from the north

Nose paint – whiskey

Nosey parker – a person who is nosey

Not by a jugful- not at all

Nothing to nobody – nobody’s business

Notions – wide range of miscellaneous articles for sale

Nymphs du prairie – prostitutes


Odd fish- a person who is odd in his manners

Odd stick- odd person

Of the first water – first class

Off one’s feed – having no appetite

Off one’s nuts- crazy

Off one’s rocker- crazy

Oh-be-joyful – intoxicating spirits

Oil- nitroglycerine to open bank vaults

Ojala- cry of surprise

Oklahoma rain- dust storm

Old Betsy – a gun

Old Dan – a trustworthy mule

Old orchard – whiskey

Old pod – old man

Old Tom – gin

On the fence- neutral

On the half-shell – prepared and ready for use

On the prod – looking for trouble

On the shoot – looking for trouble

Outlaw – a horse that cannot be tamed to ride

Out and Out – completely

On the fence – neutral

Out of fix – in a state of disorder

Outlaw- criminal

Over head and ears- completely overwhelmed

Overland trout – bacon

Owl hoot trail – The outlaw way of life


Pack iron – to carry a revolver

Paddle – run away

Pailing the cow- milking the cow

Painted cat – prostitute

Painted lady- prostitute

Painter – cougar or panther

Paintin’ his nose – getting drunk

Painting one’s tonsils – drinking alcohol

Painting the town red – going out on the town for a fun

Pair of overalls – two drinks of whiskey

Palaver- talk; discussion

Pansaje- a social meal taken in open air

Pardner- comrade

Pasaer- to walk

Paseo- walk or ride for pleasure

Pass in one’s chips – to die

Peacemaker – revolver

Peacherino- something excellent

Peaked- thin or sickly in appearance

Pecker – appetite

Pedlar’s pony – walking stick

Pecos – to kill by drowning

Pecos strawberries – beans

Persuader – a gun.

Petticoat pensioner – a man who lives on a prostitute’s earnings

Picture – the face

Piddle- waste time

Piece of calico – a woman

Piece of pudding – piece of luck

Pie eater – country boy

Pig sticker – knife

Pig trail – small side road

Pill – a doctor

Pine straw- dead pine needles

Pine top – whiskey

Pining away for – longing for

Pinto – painted horse

Pirooting- sexual intercourse or fooling around

Play a lone hand – to do something alone

Play to the gallery – to show off

Played out – tired

Plow hand- single action pistol

Plumb-complete; full

Poke- small pack

Pole cat- low life

Pommel- front portion of a saddle

Poppy-cock – nonsense

Pop skull – whiskey

Pop your corn – speak out

Porch percher – town loafer

Pot rustler – a cook

Pot shot – easy shot

Powders- orders from the boss

Power – a great number

Prairie bread- fat juices left after cooking meat

Prairie coal – cowchips

Prairie dew – whiskey

Prairie dog- ground squirrel of the prairie

Prairie feather- prairie grass used as bed stuffing

Prairie oysters – bull’s fried testicles

Prairie pancakes – cowchips

Prairie strawberries- beans

Prairie tenor – coyote

Prairie wool- grass

Prat – behind

Praties- potatoes

Prayer book – packet of papers used to roll cigarettes

Pronto- quick

Puddin’ foot – an awkward horse

Pulperia- liquor store

Pull in your horns – back off

Pull foot – leave in a hurry

Pull the leg – impose upon

Pull the long bow – lie

Pullin my donkey’s tail – lying

Pulling a kite – making a face

Pulling in the pieces – make money

Purge – beer

Push your barrow – go away

Put a spoke in the wheel – to foul up

Put on the nose bag – to eat

Put the licks in – run fast


Queer fish – an odd person

Quick draw artist- a man quick with his gun

Quincy – an indoor toilet.

Quirt – whip


Raft – large quantity

Rag proper – dress well

Rail it – travel by railroad

Railroad Bible -deck of cards

Raise one’s bristles – excite one’s anger

Raise sand – start trouble

Raisin’ Cain – boisterous

Rake and scrape – to collect

Range bum- a man riding from ranch to ranch for free food

Rassle- wrestle

Rat trap – a derisive tern for a woman’s bustle

Ratonera- snake’s den

Rattle snake milkweed root- antidote to snake bite

Rattle your hocks – get a move on

Rattled – become nervous

Rattler – freight train or rattle snake

Rattling- excellent; smart

Raving distracted – stark mad

Reach- first hand action in drawing a revolver

Rebel soldier – rye whiskey

Reckon -to guess

Red eye – whiskey

Reloading outfit – fork, spoon, knife, cups, and a plate

Renig- to back out of an agreement

Rep- reputation

Resaca- a marsh

Rib – wife

Rib up- to persuade

Rib wrenches – spurs

Ride a shank’s mare – to walk

Ride out on a rail -be forced to leave town

Right as a trivet- stable

Right as rain – fine

Rin con- a sheltered nook

Ringy- riled up

Rip-roaring- impressive person or thing

Rip snortin’- impressive person or thing

Rip staver- impressive person or thing

Road agent – robber

Road agent spin- a maneuver of a gunslinger surrendering his gun only to spin it and shoot it

Roastineer- corn roasted over an open fire while still in shucks

Rock – piece of money

Rocky mountain canary- a burro

Rod – revolver

Rode hard and put up wet – ugly looking

Rook – to cheat

Rookus juice – liquor

Roostered – drunk

Roost over one- get the better of

Roping In -cheating

Rot-gut – bad liquor

Row – fight

Rowdy-dow – vulgar

Rowel- sharp points of the spur

Ruckus – loud noise

Rum-mill – A small saloon

Run – small stream.

Run against a pill – take a bullet

Rustle- get busy

Rustler- cow thief


Saddle bum – a drifter

Saddle stiff – A cowboy

Saddle tramp – cowboy who spends most of his time in the chuck line

Sagamore – title of a chief

Sage brush philosopher- a crackel barrel philosopher

Sage hen – a woman

Sage rat- a loner in sage country

Saloon- bar

Salt horse – corned beef

Salting or salt a mine -scatter mineral dust in a wrthless mine to fool a sucker into believing its worth

Salt-water vegetables – oysters and clams

Salty dog- a tough guy

Sam hill – euphemism for the devil

Sand – toughness

Sand his craw- he had it took

Saphead – a stupid fellow

Sappy – weak

Sashaw- to walk mincingly

Satchel- a bag or a wallet

Savage as a meat axe – extremely savage

Savagerous – furious

Savvy- understand

Sawbones – surgeon

Sawdust – counterfeit gold-dust or money

Scad – an abundance

Scalawag – mean, rotten or worthless person

Scamp – worthless fellow

Scamper juice – whiskey

Schruncher- one who eats greedily

Scoff away- drive away

Sconce – the head or scull

Scoop in – entice

Scoot – run fast

Score off – get the best of

Scrap- fight

Scrape – a shave

Scraper – a razor

Scratch – not worth much.

Scratching rake -a comb

Screamer -an extraordinary person

Screaming – splendid

Screw loose -something wrong

Scrouge -to crowd

Scrouger -a bouncing person

Schruncher – a person who eats greedily

Scuds – money

Sealy- rough; unpleasant

See how the cat jumps – to discover the secrets of others

See the elephant- going to town

Sell one’s saddle- so broke one had to sell his saddle

Sell out – leave quick

Serve up – to expose to ridicule

Set about – to chastise, beat, thrash

Set her cap for him – to direct her attentions to him

Settled – sentenced to prison

Settle one’s hash – properly punish someone

Sewn up – finished, done

Shack – a vagabond

Shadow rider- a cowboy who admires his own reflection

Shakester or Shickster -a female

Shank of the evening – late afternoon

Shakes – fever and ague

Shanty – a hut

Sharpen his hoe- to beat him or thrash him

Shave – a false alarm

Shave tail- an inexperienced person

Shaver -a child or young person

Shave tail – inexperienced person

Shebang – small house of boards

Sheepherder’s delight – cheap whiskey

Shin – borrow money

Shindig -a celebration

Shin- to borrow money

Shin Out – run away

Shivaree -a boisterous party for newlyweds

Shoal- lounge about lazily

Shoot square- honest man

Shoot the cat – vomit

Shoot the crow – obtain a drink in a saloon and leave without paying

Shootin’ iron – six-gun or a rifle

Shooting fixings- guns and ammo

Shot in the neck – drunk

Shot its back – a horse bucking

Shove the queer – pass counterfeit money

Shuck- a cigarette with corn shuck wrapping

Shuck off -take clothes off

Shut yer cock holster – shut your mouth

Sidle – move sideways

Sierra- a range of hills or mountains

Siesta- noon time nap

Silk – barbed wire

Silla- chair or seat

Simon pure – the real thing

Sin-buster – preacher

Sinker – biscuit

Sipper – gravy

Siwash- sleep unsheltered in the open

Sixes and sevens – in a state of confusion

Six-shooter coffee – strong coffee

Six-shooter horse – fast horse

Skedaddle – scurry away

Skeer- scare

Skim a razor- to drive a hard bargain

Skin game – a swindle

Skink – to serve a drink

Skinned- to keep a sharp lookout

Skip a cog – to make a mistake

Skookum- devil; evil spirit

Skookum house- jail

Skull – head man anywhere

Skunk cabbage – strong-scented, repulsive plant.

Sky a copper – toss up a penny

Skunk eggs – onions

Slap – paint, rouge, cosmetics

Slap-Jacks – pancakes

Slate- a quarrel

Slatted its sails – horse bucking.

Slewed – moderately drunk

Slick – to swallow.

Slick as a whistle- do something smoothly

Slick as grease – do something smoothly

Slick heeled man- not wearing spurs

Slick up – dress up or make make fine

Slicking – whipping with hickory switches

Sling -a drink of equal parts of rum and sweetened water

Sling your bunk – go away

Slops -large and loose trousers

Slower than molasses in January – really slow

Slug – a twenty-dollar piece

Slush – grease or fat from salt meat

Small fry – young children or persons of little importance

Small potatoes -worthless

Smoke pole – six-gun

Snake-headed – mean; unpleasant

Snapperhead -an impertinent fellow

Snoozer – a thief who robs hotel guests

Snow birds- men who enlist in the army for food and shelter in the winter then abandons in the spring

Snubbing post- a post to tie a horse upon

Snuffy- jumpy; suspicious

Soak – to bake thoroughly

Soaked – drunk

Sockdologer -a powerful punch

Sodbuster – farmer

Soiled dove – prostitute

Sold his saddle – disgraced

Sole-slogger- shoe-maker

Son of a bitch stew- concoction of cow heart, testicles, tongue, liver and marrow gut

Sound on the goose – true

Soup – nitroglycerine

Sour on- get sick of someone

Sourdough – an experienced prospector

Sowbelly – bacon

Sow bossom- salt pork

Spanish dagger- prairie porcupine grass

Spanish supper- tightening of belt over an empty belly

Spark -a lover, a beau

Sparking – courting

Sparrow catching- looking for a woman to go out with

Speeler- gambler

Spell – for a while

Spider -cast iron frying-pan with three legs

Spilled- get thrown from horse

Splashing- talking without making sense

Split fair- to tell the truth

Squatter – a person who settles on land without legal title

Squeeze the biscuit -grabbing the saddle horn

Squirrel can- receptacle for odds and ends

Sparrow catching – looking for a girl to go out with

Speeler – gambler

Splashing -talking without making sense

Split fair -tell the truth

Spoon- make love

Spread oneself – to boast

Squat- to occupy land without legal claim

Squatter- a man settled without legal claim

Squeeze the biscuit

Squiffed- slightly intoxicated

Stall your mug – make yourself scarce

Stand the gaff -take punishment in good spirit

Steamer -tobacco pipe.

Stemps -legs

Stepping ken – A dance house

Stew -a confusion of mind

Stew in one’s own juice – to suffer from one’s own action

Sticker – a butcher

Sticks – furniture

Stogies – cheap, secondhand boots

Stomp – dance

Stoved-up -badly injured

Stove-pipe – a silk hat

Strapper – woman of a bulky form

Strapping – huge

Stretch hemp- to be hanged by the neck

Stretcher -notorious lie

Stretchin’ the blanket -telling a tall tale.

String – line of horses

String – a whip

Stringing a whizzer -telling a tall tale

Strong enough to float a colt – strong coffee

Stump liquor -corn liquor

Stump orator – man who preaches from the stump of a tree

Stumper -a puzzler

Suck egg -a silly person

Sucker – a hard drinker

Sugar – kiss or loving

Suicide gun- gun which lacks power to a man dead

Sunday-face – the buttocks

Sunfish- dangerous jumping tornado

Sure as a gun – absolutely certain

Surface coal – cowchips

Swag- a quantity, a load

swallow fork- to wander without purpose

Swallow one’s head- horse bucking

Swamp seed -rice

Swaper- the cook

Swan -so surprised, ready to pass out

Sweater- man not a member, but hangs around

Sweet on -in love with

Swing a wide loop- to live freely


Table muscle – a pot belly

Taffy – flattery

‘Taint – it is not

Take french leave – sneak off without permission

Take the rag off – surpass

Talk a donkey’s hind leg off – talk with no purpose

Talking-iron -a gun or rifle

Tall hog at the trough – superior

Tamale- Mexican dish, mined meat rolled in corn shucks

Tan your hide -spanking

Tangle-footed -drunk from bad whiskey

Taos lightening – any potent liquor

Tarantula juice -cheap whiskey

Tarnation- euphorism for the devil

Teapot -railroad station

Tear -a spree

Tearin’ up Jake -making a lot of noise

Tear squeezer – sad story

Techy as a teased snake -irritable

Tee-totaller -a man who avoids every kind of alcohol

Temescal- sweat house or bathhouse

Ten-cent man – A small, narrow-mindedman

Ten Commandments – fingers

Tenderfoot – person new to the job

Tenderloin – the red light district

Texas butter- gravy made of flower, hot water and fried steak grease

Texas cake walk- a hanging

That dog won’t hunt- an idea isn’t believe to work

Three legged mare- gallows

Three ways from Sunday- move in quickly

Throw off on- make fun of

Throw up the sponge- quit

Thumbbuster- single action pistol

Thumping- very large

Tie to- rely on

Tienda- a shop or store

Tiger town or Tiger alley- alley or street where there’s many gambling halls, brothels and/ or saloons

Tight- a difficult situation

Tightener- a hearty meal

Timber line- mountainous country where trees don’t grow

Timbers- legs

Tin horn- Cheap and flashy

Tin horn lot- express contempt towards small minded fellow

Tinker’s news- news that already been told

Titivate – dress up

Tit for tat – being treated the way you treat others

To lam- beat soundly

To lass -catch with a lasso

To lather – to beat

To monkey – to play tricks

To row up – punish with words

To saw – to hoax

Toad strangler -heavy rain

Togs – clothing

Tombstones – large teeth

Tongue oil -strong liquor or the ability to talk easy

Tonsil paint- strong liquor

Tonsil varnish – strong liquor

Too much mustard -a braggart

Top-sawyer – excellence

Tornado juice -whiskey

Tortilla- bread made of ground corn

Tottie -a fast girl

Tottle – walk unsteadily

Towelling – a beating

Trace – a path

Trampoose -to wander

Traps- personal gear

Trat – pretty girl

Tricks – ones personal belongings

Trimmings -bread and butter

Trompillo- common deadly night shade

Trotter boxes, Trotter cases -shoes or boots

Trounce – to beat

Tub-thumping – street preaching

Tuckered out – exhausted

Tucson bed- lying on stomach covering that with back

Tumble weed- a fiddle footed fellow

Twine- a rope or to rope

Twist -a good appetite

Twister- a liar or a tornado

Twistical – tortuous

Twisting the tiger’s tail -playing poker

Two whoops and a holler -not far away


Ugly as a mud fence – someone who is ugly

Uncorkin’ a bronc -breaking a horse

Unmentionables -underwear

Unsalted – inexperienced

Unshucked -naked

Unwound -a horse bucking

Up a tree- difficulty, cornered

Up the spout – imprisoned

Upper story – the brain, the head


Valley tan – liquor sold in Mormon Country

Velvet couch- a cowboy’s bed roll

Vamoose -to disappear

Vaulting house -brothel

Vee totaller- one who avoids any kind of alcohol

Vega- a large plain stretch og open grassland

Velvet couch -a cowboy’s bedroll

Village- a colony of prairie dogs


Wag-tail -a prostitute

Wait on -to court

Wake snakes -to raise a ruckus

Wake up the wrong passenger – trouble the wrong person

Walk the chalk -walk straight

Wall – roll your eyes

Wallow stone- small stone to wallow around mouth when dry

Wamble-cropped – sick to the stomache

War bonnet – a woman’s hat

Wash- channel of seasonal water course

Wasp nest – light bread

Wattles -ears

Wag- in a rage

Wearing the bustle wrong -referring to a pregnant woman

Weather-breeder – A cloudless sky, after a succession of rainy weather

Weed – tobacco

Well- healed- well armed

Whale away -to preach

Whaling -a lashing, a beating

Whale- a big, strapping fellow

Whap -a quick stroke

Whapping – large

What in the tarnation – “What the hell?”

Whip belly- bad beer

Whip one’s weight in wild cats- to defeat a powerful opponent

Whistle berries -beans

White eye – maize whiskey

White-eyed – Exhausted

White liner -an alcoholic

White tape – gin

White wine- gin

Whole kit and caboodle – the whole thing

Whomper-jawed – ueven

Whoop it up- to have a good time

Whoremonger – man who frequents prostitutes

Widow -the gallows

Widow maker – A very bad horse

Wiki up – quickly constructed shelter of brush saplings

Wild bunch- untamed bunch of men or horses

Wild mare’s milk – whiskey

Winchester- a rifle

Windy -tall tale

Windjammer- tall tale

Wipe your chin – shut your mouth

Wolfer – man with a large appetite or a hard drinker

Wood pussy- a skunk

Woolsey- inferior hat

Worse than a cat in a roomful of rockers -a nervous person

Wrapper- loose gown or dress

Wreck tub- tub carried on chuck wagon for dirty cup plate, etc.

Wrinkled his spine – horse bucking



Yack- stupid person

Yam- to eat

Yamp- to steal

Yammering- talking

Yannigan bag -a bag for personal items

Yarn -a story

Yellow belly -a coward

Yellow leg- U. S. calvary men

Yellow hammer -gold coin

Yucca country- southwest


Zaguan- entrance hall to buildings

Zangero- a digger of ditches